Submitting your manuscript -

Before sending your work please make sure your name and address are clearly marked on the manuscript in case it becomes separated from your letter. It is wise to retain a copy of the manuscript, and ensure that it is packed in a strong envelope or parcel, and sent preferably by recorded delivery.

Ideally your manuscript should be typed with double line spacing, although it will be acceptable if clearly written by hand.

We are also happy to accept work submitted on computer disk, on memory stick or via an email sent to, together with your contact details.

In order to consider your work and submit our proposal we will require actual sight of the complete manuscript, which will be read with a view to publication as an attractive independent book in a quality paperback or hardback edition. There is no charge for this and you are under no obligation as your manuscript will be returned to you should you so wish, although we would request that you send either the cost for the return postage or a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Our Proposal -

Once we have had the opportunity to consider your manuscript for publication under our imprint, a proposal will be sent to you detailing the style of production and all other relevant matters. If you wish to proceed further at this stage a publication Agreement will be sent for your consideration.

Payment may be made in three instalments: one third on placing your book in our production schedule, one third when the proof is returned after your approval, and the balance when the copies have been printed and are ready to be bound. Alternatively, payments may be made over a six-month period at no extra cost, although production will proceed as payments are received.

Production of your book -

Our Editorial Department will revise your manuscript in respect of spelling and punctuation, taking into consideration any special wishes you may have. On request your manuscript will be returned to you after revision for your approval before we proceed further with production.

A paged proof will be sent to you during production to ensure the text and general layout of the book is to your full approval before we proceed with the printing.

We have our own artists who are able to provide suitable black-and-white or colour illustrations if required.

Our graphics department will create an individual, full colour design for the cover and will be happy to discuss any of your requirements.The cover or wrapper will be laminated with a high gloss film to enhance the appearance and durability of your book.

It is important to mention that we work with only the leading global and national printing and binding facilities to ensure high quality books are produced for us, and our authors.

Marketing your book -

The title of your book will be included in our catalogue, and we will submit copies of the book to the review editors of local publications issued in the centre or centres where you are well known. We will also invite orders from booksellers in such centres, and we will welcome your suggestions for this publicity when the book is ready.

Your book will also be available to purchase from our on-line book store, and listed on other Internet sites, including Amazon and Waterstones. The title and author’s name of your book will be posted to major Internet search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

We can provide promotional material featuring full details of your book for your distribution, in the form of showcards and flyers. Attractive, personalised bookmarks will also be available.


As an additional option, we are able to offer the opportunity of having your book published in digital format on all of the major platforms, such as Amazon Kindle and Apple iBookstore. This service is provided independently to the production and publication of the printed book.


Your book will be allotted an International Standard Book Number and a barcode incorporating this, together with the selling price, will be printed on the back of the book. Copies will be sent to the Agents for the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the National Library of Scotland, the Library of Trinity College Dublin and the National Library of Wales. As a requirement one copy will also be sent to the British Library and the copyright will remain your own property.