In this beautifully-illustrated children’s book from B. A. Price, we follow the exciting and unexpected adventures of sisters Olivia and Amber.

So many extraordinary things have happened to these girls during their childhood that at times it is hard to believe. Yet Pop, their remarkable grandfather, has written it all down exactly as it occurred. Admittedly, Pop does tend to mix up reality and make-believe… but here he has tried hard to stick purely to the facts.

From investigating their stolen garden to a seaside trip that doesn’t go wholly to plan, and from freckles in the sun to an unusual camping trip, the life of these two girls is anything but ordinary. Meeting ghosts, fairies and even magical animals, there is never a dull moment when it comes to Amber and Olivia.

Featuring twenty-six stories, this is the perfect book for young children, whether reading themselves, alongside a parent, or as a wonderful collection of bedtime tales.