Jeri Dion

Amalthean Quests One

Space could be a lonely and hostile place especially if you were 21 yearons old and a lone female. Tayce Traun was that female. A young privileged daughter of a commodore cast out in the dead of night when her home world is destroyed by a powerful evil countess and her warrior army. For the first three yearons Tayce fights to keep her exploration cruiser, Amalthea One, from falling into the wrong hands with help from the on board guidance and operation’s computer, who is her only friend and companion. Tayce vowed that she would avenge the death of her parents and the destruction of her home planet. She has an idea to create a crime fighting team and call it the Amalthean Quests Team. The new journey starts and slowly one by one new members join the team…

Amalthean Quests Two

It is the twenty-fifth century and the Amalthean Quests team is back. Tayce Traun is in command of a new updated cruiser, Amalthea Two, with her former onboard computer transformed into Tayce’s personal robotic escort – a Romid known as Twedor. The team travels through time and space to rid the universes of evil and lawlessness. Ranged against the Amalthean Quests team, powerful forces have pledged to destroy Questa and Enlopedia, as they did Tayce’s home planet, Traun. The entire Empire of Honitonia is in danger of obliteration. The Witch Queen Aemiliyana has escaped from her prison in the Empire of Lost Traun and her one thought is that Tayce must die.

Amalthean Quests Three